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well this idea was brought up a while ago to have people sign up and would have a box that you ship around with left over ar-15 parts. (since just about every one that has an ar has upgraded or changed parts)

it would work like this:
i start it off with a few goodies in it and send it on to the first person on the list and when i send it off i post a list of whats in there on this thread when the next person gets it he can take something out of it but has to put something back in. it can be anything ar-related ie: sights, handguards, mags (unfortunatly if there are high cap mags people in ban states wont be able to recive the box-o-goodies, but if there is a certin item you want thats legal im sure something can be worked out to ship just that you but you will have to ship an item to the person with the box).

if you recive the box you are responsable for the shipping cost to the next person.
and please replace the number of things you take out.
if you take one give one if you take two give two.
it doesnt have to be equal value but it should be something someone would probably use

and to decide who gets the box and in what order it is passed around the box will ship after 2 weeks (that is if enough people are interested)
the order will go like this
1. paying members will get first pass at it and will go buy who responds first and will go down the list in the order that they responded to this thread
2. free members with 1000 or more posts going again in order of who responded first members with over 100 posts
4. free members with under 100
5. and very last will be those members paying or free that sign up after the 2 week time frame (ends saterday the 16th at midnight)

and just to give you an idea of what type of stuff is going to be in the box
i will put in (items might change but i will post exactly what im shipping at the end of the 2 week period
1.front sight for a rail
2.flat top rear sight
3. rifle length handguards
4.30 round magazine
5. delta ring
6. and some once fired .223 deprimed and full length sized brass
and im sure i have some more junk lying around that i could include

and just to be clear you have to reply to this thread to reserve your place in line PMs dont count

and last the rules arnt set in stone if you have a better idea of how to run things please share

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Souded like a good idea the first time this was proposed, and it still sounds good.

At some point though I think the box may get to be fairly heavy and the cost of shipping high. I think this was mentioned in the last proposal.

Good idea rogerxd45. I think this method may be a little more fair to all than the pay it forward.

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of corse you can!

oh and so far it looks like loonybin is first in line
Say what?! I thought that I was first in line!!!:(

Oh well, just make sure I'm on the list; maybe there will be some even BETTER goodies in there by the time it gets to me!;)

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I'm in .. I'll add in a Sling, misc MOLLE pouches, Carbine Handguards and maybe a few older low grade 4x scopes and rings for them and who knows what else strikes my fancy when I see what's there.

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I dont want to be first, but I do want to see this box in 52 days! That should be doable right. BTW I already have some contributions from BIL builds.
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