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south paw said:
Have you though of geting a ambi mag catch. I put one on all of mine works great.
I have and have used them and find them to be a pretty good control, but since I don't like and continue not to train to drop my mags on the ground, I decided to not spend the money on them because I use my righthand thumb to disengage the magazine while I have my fingers and palm around the magazine taking it out. I than drop it in my pouch and load a new one with my righthand and release the bolt stop with my lefthand trigger finger.

It can be faster to just drop the mag on the ground of course and already have the other there to snap in, but I can load a new mag in my method very fast too and when it comes down to it I see magazines as something I've always felt you need to protect from being dropped on the ground to either be damaged, or lost or have to come back to later to get when there's always the chance you won't be able to.
For someone in these days at the range or in LE work there's less concern about that as they'll have time to and/or can replace them easy enough, but for me I look at it to continue to train and be better prepared for shtf where I might no be able to get more when I need them or at all.
The ambi safety and Badger Ordnance ambi charging handle is basically all I need in ambi controls. :)

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I know this is for pics, but I thought it important to add a quick update for those that may be thinking about a Badger Ordnance ambi charging handle to go with their POF or Bushmaster/POF piston upper. :wink:

I got my ambi charging handle in and it doesn't fit with the POF one piece, op rod carrier key. The channel is too shallow for the key height that it jams the carrier down on the receiver bottom that stops up free movement of the carrier.
It's a no go I'm sad to say as I always liked them on DI's. Oh well, I'll have to go without. :cry:

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Nice billt, i have the same problem, just cant have one. I am in the progress in building 2 more. hope the wife will start shooting with me at the range.

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<<< Click thumbnail for larger image

16" NOVESKE N4 Light Recce Low-Profile mid-length Upper on a Gen III POF lower.
Geissele DMR trigger, Aimpoint Micro T-1 on a LaRue TL660 with TROY flip up battle sights.
A2 butt stock, rifle buffer and spring in a forged receiver extension tube - all COLT.
Magpul PMAG and MIAD, TangoDown VFG and SureFire Scout light. SEI G6A2 DC Vortex.

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I've been debating on posting pictures of my own "AR-15" for a minute, and decided it might be fun. So here it is,

An M16A4 with the full set of picatinny rails. You'll see a lot of rifles that look like this used by the National Guard, but they are actually M16A2's with the A4's rails in place of normal handguards. The M16A4 is distinguishable by it's flat-top receiver, and while they make A1/A2/A3 style hand grips that fit on the flat-top's rails, these are becoming less common, replaced by what I have under my ACOG -- the BIS, or Backup Iron Sight. It's a small adjustable rear ironsight that flips up when in use. It's just as useful and durable as the built-in sight on the hand grip, with distance adjustments from 200 to 600 meters, and windage adjustments. It's simply smaller, and isn't a handle. The barrel and front sight are totally unchanged. The M16A4 is to my knowledge functionally identical to an M16A2. I don't think there are any changes to the lower receiver at all.

I actually have a set of handguards on the forward rails designed for a rail-equipped M4 Carbine. The handguards for the M16A4 are longer and cover the entire rail, but I found that the shorter M4 guards give me room to have a comfortable grip on the rifle, and several attachments farther forward. This is my "basic" loadout of toys on the rifle--gotta love the picatinny rails, I attach what I want before each mission.

It isn't unheard of for Combat Engineers to clear buildings, so I've put on a small Knight's Armament vertical grip to make the weapon easier to handle in a close-quarters environment, this will soon be replaced by a vertical grip with a pop-out bipod. The vertical grip is very comfortable with this weapon, and even for sustained long-distance shooting from the kneeling or standing position, it's very useful. But I find myself just slightly more accurate holding it the old-fashioned way, so I've put those short M4 handguards on the rails as well. They're also useful for firing from the prone, which makes the vertical grip difficult and uncomfortable.

As you can see, it's a bit worn and rough looking, but that's only from age and sandstorms. This weapon is well-maintained and taken care of, I disassemble and clean it almost obsessively. The attachments not in the picture are my personal infrared laser device, night-vision scope, green laser, Surefire tactical light, and M320. I love the rail system, I can add or remove any components I own easily before each mission.

The magazines are terrible, but that problem's been solved. Other than that, this is an excellent and reliable weapon, which I trust with my life.

Sometimes the AR-15's aren't enough, though. :wink:

I am prepared for those times.
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