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I apologize if this has been addressed before I'm an FNG

I just finished my first build and noticed during my range test that, though the rifle cycles without issue, the bolt only locks back on the last round every 5th mag or so. All test firing was done with the same partially loaded 30 round USGI mag. My brass was ejecting between 3 and 4 o' clock. I don't see any signs of a gas leak. I was using 55 grain .223 Remington ammo. Deep primer strikes noted on all spent brass. Is this something I should correct by changing my buffer weight? Any other ideas? I ordered hex mags and promags to see if my usgi mag was the problem. Haven't test fired with those yet. Manually racking the bolt with an empty mag the bolt locks every time.

Build details:
Aero precision AR-15 gen 2 upper and lower
18 inch ballistic advantage stainless barrel
Ballistic advantage gas block and rifle length gas tube
Sharps XPB BCG
Leapers UTG stock (4.8 oz buffer)

Any help would be appreciated. My hope is to have a fully functioning rifle regardless of what ammo I shoot

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