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OK, one more of the SBR with the Midwest Industries BUIS set. The front sight is on backward because I like the look - reminds me of the HK sight set.

And we've had a sample of the Walther PS22 red dot floating around for a while so I snagged it to try on the SBR. It produces a great lower 1/3 co-witness with the MI sight set. It seems to be a quality sight with tethered adjustment covers and a precise dot. My boss and I went shooting on Christmas and he had the sight on an 870. We ran half a box of bird shot through it with a 3" turkey load at the end and the red dod didn't flinch. This is as far as I can tell the exact same sight ADCO and Dark Ops sell for various prices, you can get this one for about $75 including the mount.

I've got Friday off so I'm headed to the range to finally shoot the thing.

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Took it to the range today - ran 100+ rounds through it. The first 40 or so were in 3-shot groups to sight-in the irons. A quick dial-in of the red dot to co-witness and then a few full mags to make sure it ran OK. This thing holds pretty good groups and I have the red dot dialed-in for the close work (25 yards) with the flip-ups zeroed at 50. I can't believe how freaking fun this thing is to shoot, and I was honestly a bit disappointed the flash and concussion wasn't bad. From everything I had read I was expecting a fireball, but nope! The Levang Linear compensator does a great job of taming the thing. I ran a mag of 60-gr v-max and the thing was laser-accurate with them - one ragged hole at 25-yards without a decent rest - just my range bag to rest the forearm on. I think I'll stock up!

I absolutely could not be happier with the way this project turned out!:mrgreen:

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That think would look wicked with a Noveske hider, but theyre a tad longer than, say an A2
I thought about the Noveske hider, but it's much bigger and literally 4 times as expensive as the Levang! The Levang itself is about 1/2 again as long as the A2 hider.

Jeep - The paperwork isn't bad as long as you live in a county where your Sheriff will sign off for you. There are ways to circumvent that, but it helps. It's just a couple forms, a few signatures, a set of fingerprints and about a month of your time - oh, and the tax stamp fee ($200).

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she's purdy..

build list??
Thanks - sorry, didn't see the build list request 'till just now -

DPMS factory-built Kitty Kat Upper with low profile gas block and 4-rail forend
DPMS lower
DPMS Pardus Buttstock Assembly
DPMS Levang Linear Compensator (works great!!!)
Midwest Industries flip-up iron sights
Walther red dot (test/eval version, but I'll probably buy one when they come out)
Surefire G2 Nitrolon
Magpul PMags (I have 2 - currently putting them through their paces)

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man that's got Pack gun written all over it.. very nice and congrats on pulling together a really good weapon!

PS - yeah I'm jealous too.
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