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I took my black baby to the range to site in the red dot. Good grouping for being near freezing outside. Shot 30 of HSM 233 then 30 rds of Wolf. Wanted to see if it would jam up... then shot HSM right after the Wolf ammo then switch back and forth for another 20 rds. Not one jam.... run like a champ with both type of ammo... steel and brass. Here are some pics of my new baby and targets.

@ 50 yds.

@ 75 yrds.

@100 yds.

I'll clean her up tonight or tomorrow. Show you pics on any of the Wolf junk build up.

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Nice setup. I'd be shooting from inside a sleeping bag.
Do not mess with us Alaskans.. Only two things we do outside all winter.
One is fun and the other one is not. They both start with S.
Shooting & use the out house. :mrgreen:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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