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Steve K. , that is one heck of a dispaly. Can you give some details??
How long has it taken you to collect all those fine weapons. Also where is the handgun room!!! ;)
I didnt see any AK rifles!!! Are they in another wing or are you not into AK's .

Very impressive !!!

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How long has it taken you to collect all those fine weapons
Started back in 87 or so with an SKS. I still have my Winchester 94, .22 mag, my first ever purchase, from back in 78 and is hanging with the lever guns around the upper parimeter.

Also where is the handgun room!!!
More like drawers. You can see the stack of drawers off to the left in the picture. Full of hand guns. Looking into glass display cases for them.

I didnt see any AK rifles!!! Are they in another wing or are you not into AK's

There there and in the same room but on the wall that would be behind the camera shot. Just as big and as purdy as the AR wall 8)
This is an AR forum so that is all I will post pictures of here 8O :( :mad: :cry: sorry ;)

This is what keeps all my guns safe and sound in that room

Its a bank vault door, weighs 3800 lbs 8O The door is surrounded by 10" of concrete actually the whole room with the exception of the lid it is 12" thick. I am the only one with the combo, not even my wife has it :lol:

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Well here are a couple pics of my one loan AR, always wanted one so bought this one new a few years ago! Nice little Bushmaster XM15-E2S. Its really a awesome rifle and with good ammo will shoot under a Inch Group any day,,it just dosen't get the use now since I strated with the M1As and such! I feel I should be fair and get another one for her to hang out with,, :lol: ,,well if my M-14 craze ever dies down I just mite !
Right now I have a Burris SpeedDot on it and its awesome,,I also have a Nice little 4x I.O.R. 4x24 M1 Tactical Riflescope with quick detach rings,,goes right back to zero every time! :) The Burris really is a great site,,I know everyone likes the Aimpoints and I know they are great,,but Hmmmm,,,$155.00 or $400.00,,well easy choice in my book. Both pics are of the same rifle,,I just played with my Pic program abit to dress it up,hope you enjoy !

Almost forgot,,thats my Para-Ord P-12 in the one pic,,BEST pistol I have EVER owned,,try one someday you will like it!!! :) :)

Hey guys,,here is a updated pic of my AR now,,,same rifle,,just finally fixed the way I really want it !!! Only took me a few years,,now its time to start a new one,,,!!


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I'm sorry, Steve, but could you please let us know how your wife let you have so many toys

Horses my man, horses. She not into shoes :lol: I dont tell here what horses she can have and she dont tell me what guns I can have ;) The major difference is that my guns sure dont cost as much to feed 8)

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Alright, here's my first AR:

Colt Match Target (neutered) with a thermold mag.

Here's one with my bushy:

It started life as a "shorty AK", 16" including the permanent muzzle brake. I changed out the upper to a flat-top and installed a Trijicon Reflex II which I would like to change to something else. There's also a GG&G flip-up rear sight which co-witnesses just about perfectly. And the "sling-thing" too. Since the picture I've also changed out the pistol grip with an A1 style. Never did like that lump.
Also shown are the M1A wearing an Imperial bayonet on the FA flash suppressor and Fred's synthetic GI stock and a Benelli M1 Super 90 wearing a cheap Tacstar light that I CANNOT recommend. It now wears an aimshot which seems better but has not been fully tested.
By the way, both rifles are shown with GI mags.

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Colt A2 20" HBAR w/ M60 bipod model 741

Colt A2 w/ Colt 10" M4 upper & AAC M4-2000. Click for detail:

Colt A2 16" HBAR 7.62x39mm

Colt A2 14.5" early model 723

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Here is a Pic of my new LMT 10.5" barrelled upper on my Bushmaster lower.

Waiting for a Larue Carbine FF rail & a Krinkov Falsh suppressor to arrive.

With my SPR upper.

Waiting for a PRI Gas Buster charging handle & a PRI flip up front gas block sight to arrive.


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My baby. Bushmastr M4A3 with " Izzy brake " , TA31RCO-M4 , Surefire foreend , SOG forward grip , Ergo grip , and VLTOR A2 stock. Oy yeah the mag is HK.

Have a couple more minor improvements to be made and she'll be done.

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No thats just the way it came. The finish on this rifle is not impressive. I'm just going to ding it all up anyway. Thanks.

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Here's mine

This is my M4gery. Eagle Arms with EOTech, SureFire HG, SureFire M962SU05 light w/ ARMS Throw lever mount, ERGO Ambi Grip, KAC K grip and Spec Ops. Brand Mamba sling. I've also got a 20" Bushmaster/Colt. I'll post a pic of that one soon.

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