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My first AR build, and my first AR, making time with its new brother-in-arms:

300AAC Blackout

Rainier Select match barrel
Mega upper and lower receiver
Wilson Combat gas block
Geissele free float hand guard/rail
Geissele DMR trigger group
Magpul bits and pieces including rear furniture
Redfield Counterstrike 3 MOA red/green dot1x sight with laser



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Time to add a little color to this thread. So much black! Here is my wife's AR. I have yet to build one for myself.


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My first AR-15 build or stripped lower and upper half assembly. I didn't want to go all black and I'm still adding on to her but this one started it all for me.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Red Recreation



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Here is one of my ARs

My Stag 1LH that I put together

It may not be as fancy as some but it's my go to rifle (I'm new to M14s so maybe my Socom will eventually take it's place) I've never had a issue with this gun In the close to 2k rounds I've put through it. Even shooting cheap Tula.

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Here are mine. I've got a 20" PSA and an 11.5" Ice Arms upper on my Noveske SBR lower. I've had others in the past but these are the only two I have at the moment.


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My two "keeper" AR10's.
Armalite 24" "T" stainless barrel, cut and crowned to 20",
Armalite upper receiver blueprinted for accuracy.
SWS E1 rail, rifle length
EGW low profile gas block,
Harris swivel bipod
Aero Precision lower
Hogue grip
Armalite Match 2 stg. trigger set to 3.5#, Magpul trigger guard
Magpul PRS stock (switched to A2 stock since then)
Badger 20 moa rail adapter
IOR 3-18x42 FFP mil/mil scope.
.5 moa accuracy with FGMM.

Armalite SASS 16" stainless barrel
Armalite upper receiver, blueprinted for accuracy
SWS E1 rail, mid length
Vortex flash hider
EGW low profile gas block
Harris swivel bipod w/ LaRue rail mount (not shown)
Aero Precision lower receiver
Hogue grip
Geiselle SSA trigger, Magpul trigger guard
VLTOR ModStock
Leupold VXR Patrol 1-4, Bobro q/d mount (not shown)
Aimpoint M3 Arms q/d mount and riser
Blue Force gear sling
This rifle is also a sub moa rifle with FGMM

Ten shot group for the 20" @ ~200 yds.

The 16" with a nice 2.5-10 would be one bad dude.
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