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Has anyone ever purchased an AR15 from or dealt with on these?

I got a C-more optic from them and the customer service was excellent.

I was just wondering how good the quality of their WE15R series was? Like $970 for the setup I was looking at. Would you recommned them or are their parts no good?

Thanks guys!

PS. I couldn't find anything in the search here and I couldn't even find a "search" button on the AR15 website!!!

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I've seen their website before but frankly they don't mention whose parts they are using for their complete setups and I would avoid them because of that. If you are wanting a complete factory setup go with a brand name so you know what you are getting.

For $970 you could put together a real good basic rifle and know where the parts came from ;)

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I have considered piecing up a rifle in the configuration I like, but the one on the website is already in the preffered configuration with two modifications. Also, they will install the moded parts for me.

When I tried to piece it together the price came out to be alot more than they are asking, not to mention all the work of putting it together.

To sum it all up my preffered rifle is:

A4 Upper - no handle needed
Collapsible stock
4 Rail hand-guard
Flip up front gas block sight, OR railed gas block with removable flip up front sight
16" chromed barrel - Threaded w/flash hider

Does anyone know of a brand that has this configuration already built for less than or equal to my price? Or where would be a good site to part one together for the same or lower price?

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Look at the websites that sell the kits they all offer upgrade options. From what I read the "two best bang for the buck" sites would be and I purchased my kits from jt and I love them couldnt be happier. If you add the kit to your cart then you can go through and customize it with the add-ons.

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This is from, from - they have a good rep over there - definitely worth considering !

A new M4 hits the market!
A company called ADS has released an M4 clone that appears to be a very good value. We just got some of these in stock and can honestly say that I am impressed with it.

From looking at the style of the roll marks, I think LAR is making the uppers and lowers. The roll marks on the barrel tells me that Shaw makes them (which is where Colt gets some barrels made).
The other interesting thing about these M4's is that the barrel, upper and lower receiver are finished in Robar's Black Oxide! This is very high quality coating that is also on the expensive side. By coating everything, it gives the weapon a very even finish.

Here are some specs on the weapon:

Barrel Steel: 4150
Twist Rate: 1/7
Chrome lined: Y
F marked FSB: Y
M4 Barrel Extension: Y
M4 cut upper receiver: Y
Mil-Spec 6 position RE: Y
MP tested bolt: Y
AR15 Bolt Carrer: Y
Castle nut staked: Y

The bolt carrier is CMT which means that it is not staked properly. They also use a blue extractor insert VS black one. We will make sure that they are properly staked and the extractor is upgraded before it leaves our shop.

The complete weapon (which includes a hard case, D&H 30rd mag and manual) is $825. You can also just buy the uppers (complete) for $539 and their stripped lowers are $120.

ps ... this is where I intend to get my upper group

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Grant is a great guy to deal with. He does the realiability package on all uppers and complete rifles that were not done correctly (sping, o-ring, extractor, and staking). Including test firing before he ships it out. Grant is very helpful and knows alot about M4's. Bought my Stag from him and he was a pleasure to deal with and answered all of my questions.

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Pete at AR15SALES.COM .. give him a call, he'll give you a NO BS answer and smokes everyone in the country on new STAG and RRA uppers.
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