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What we see go down at class falls into these catagories.

Wear items
Specifically, extractors and extractor springs.
Bolt rings
Buffer springs

Parts guns
Parts ain't parts. If you get your stuff from gun shows and garage sales, don't expect quality
I had a guy in a recent class bragging on T1 that he built his carbine for $400 and "it is just as good as..." That feternoon it wouldn't ectract. The extractor was worn snooth and then re park'd; the extractot spring was flat (no joke) and the insert was just crumbs.
We replaced it all.
On T3 his bolt broke in half.

Hobby guns
Generally ok, but non MPI bolts may not last (we see less problems with breaking lately) and some of the new guns may not work at all. These should not have to be shot in- they should work out of the box.
Chambers are often 223, no matter what is marked on the barrel. When the gun gets hot, extraction slows down.

Worn out guns
Parts wear. Sometimes the guns are just plain shot out- more often, military guns.

Think MEAL
Magazines- serviceable mags
Extractor- serviceable
Ammunition- quality ammo, not garbage
Lube- generous lubrication

If you have that, most of the guns- even some of the very low end guns- might do well for a class or more.

On the other hand, some of the companies make absolutely great guns. They will last a long time.
- Pat Rogers

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With AR's the weak part seems to be:
- The lugs of the bolt, as they can shear off.and the extractor spring.
- The extractor, as it is a little spring and it has been known to prematurely wear out. The O-ring on the extractor spring does seem to be a good band aid though as it does make the extraction more positive.

If I was going to one of these courses I would:
- Bring a spare AR
- Make sure bolt in AR is one that MPI inspected.
- Bring Spare BCG (MPI inspected ofcourse)
That right there would pretty much cover all the bases.

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I had a case separation in a carbine class. I had a case separation removal tool (or whatever it's called) and it made the fix quick and easy. As cheap as these tools are you need one in your tool box.

I had some of my goto mags crap out on me in a class too. Make sure you have extras.
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